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This committee was formed by North Okanagan citizens motivated to help bring international refugees to our region. We know that together we can provide a stronger local response to the refugee crisis.

Our Vision

A community where refugees are welcomed, supported and empowered to rebuild their lives.

Our Mission

The North Okanagan Refugee Committee is a coalition of community representatives working collectively to support sponsorship and settlement of international refugees to our region.

Strategic Goals

  • Our region has the knowledge and capacity to sponsor refugees
  • Our region understands the value of refugee settlement and welcomes newcomers
  • Refugees are supported and are empowered to rebuild their lives


  • Remain current on issues of refugee sponsorship/support
  • Provide networking, support and mentorship to sponsoring groups
  • Connect funding, volunteers and resources to sponsor groups
  • Be an information hub for the community
  • Develop targets (based on capacity) for the numbers of refugees our region can support
  • Promote the positive impact that sponsorship and settlement has on our region
  • Connect refugees to programs and supports
  • Promote social inclusion and wider community integration

Our Values

The following values encompass how we treat each other as community members and the approach we take with people who come to our community as refugees and migrants:

  • Inclusiveness – anyone is welcome regardless of background, faith or culture
  • Respect/Non-Judgmental – differences are acknowledged and respected; our goal is not to change people’s culture or religion but rather to embrace and welcome this diversity
  • Compassion – our work is based on caring for those in crisis around the world and sharing the resources we have to improve their lives
  • Empowerment – our aim is to help people to become self-sufficient and rebuild their lives, not to create a sense of dependency
  • Adaptability – we will remain flexible and open to change
  • Collaborative – we seek to support and partner with other groups with similar goals
  • Transparency – our work and activities will be shared with the wider community
  • Confidentiality – personal stories/backgrounds will be honoured and shared only with permission
  • Informed – it is our responsibility to remain knowledgeable about the issues and research best practices for refugee sponsorship and support
  • Support – we will take into account additional trauma that may be present due to their situation/journey
  • Simplicity – we will not over complicate the process; we will stay on track
  • Action oriented – we will achieve our goals and see results


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