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There are several ways you can get involved.  

You can join an existing sponsorship group or form your own; consider donating funds to established sponsorship groups; volunteer your time helping refugees settle in the North Okanagan. Everyone’s help will ensure that they are welcomed, supported and empowered to rebuild their lives. 

Please explore this section to learn what is happening in your community.


There are several sponsorship groups already operating in our region. Find out who they are and how to connect with them.

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Find out how to offer your time and/or services to help refugees coming to the North Okanagan.

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Find out which local groups accept donations for refugees being sponsored in our area and which are the national and international refugee aid foundations.

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Other Regional Refugee Groups

There are other groups operating in BC with a similar mandate to North Okanagan Refugee Committee. They are listed here:

Shuswap Refugee Group

Central Okanagan Refugee Committee (CORC)